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A few weeks ago I was enjoying dinner at a rather upscale Thai
restaurant. Quite suddenly my conversation was interrupted by the theme from
batman.  A cellphone ring! Whattt??? Huh??? I surveyed my surroundings and spied the culprit picking her phone up. “Sheesh” I thought “how rude?” Honestly, what can be so incredibly important that one has to take a call in the middle of a nice
restaurant and in the process disturb others? Really! Funny thing though, I seemed to be the only one who noticed. Everyone else was carrying on with their evening. “Wow” I frowned. What the heck is wrong with this world?

A few days ago while on a shopping trip with my 17 year old daughter Kaitlin. I
heard someone say: “Who are you texting? “ Hmmm no kidding!!!! ( I thought) I looked up distractedly into the big brown eyes of my daughter.

Me: What? (is she talking to me?)

Kaitlin: Well?

Me: (clutching my iphone protectively to my chest..SHE IS TALKING TO ME) I-I  w-was just answering a text.

Kaitlin: No Mom you have been on that thing ALL DAY! Her eyes held
a flicker of accusation.

Me: I have?

Kaitlin: yes you have!!

Me: Oh

At that point I swallowed sheepishly realizing she was right. Crap! I had
become swallowed up in the constant chime of my phone. Responding to texts,
tweets, emails the whole afternoon! Nothing was that important, I don’t even work in the summer! Where was my self restraint? What was I doing??? My eyes lowered to her Coach bag where her iphone comfortably rested untouched. She had been carefully ignoring the beckoning chimes and beeps of
her phone.

I put my phone away and started ignoring the alerts and beeps that
continued. If she can do it I can too!! Not soon after Kaitlin heads to the
washroom and I steal a chance to look at my phone. What did I miss???

I realized at that moment not as much as I would if I didn’t participate in
this shopping trip with my daughter and actually stop looking at my phone.

Have we become hostages to our phones or laptops? We know the instant
messaging world holds so much for all of us, but are we risking the loss of
human connection by allowing ourselves to be smothered by it? Are we driving
our family, spouses or significant others crazy?

I want to hear from all of you: How do you deal with it?