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I’m in tree pose.

Struggling for balance
in the yoga studio. The sweat is trickling down my neck.

My yoga instructor softly says “Now concentrate on one spot in the room and balance, don’t forget to breathe, let your thoughts go and relax.” Is she serious? I can’t do all those things at once.

Then I realize this struggle is not any different then what most of us go through on a daily basis. Finding balance in life. Is there such a thing?

There are spouses that have work days that do not end at 5pm. I know too many people who take work home, stuff that HAS to get done. Where is the balance? Where is the time to spend with family? Where is the time for themselves?

Finding the perfect balance in life is not easy. What do I mean you ask? Hell if I know.
I know this much, the concept of balance in life has come up many times this summer. Recently a good friend and I were out for dinner when she mentioned
that her son seemed to lack balance, that he was spending far too much time
with a new girlfriend. They have been together less than six months yet my friend
lamented “he spends every waking hour with her” hmmm. He was missing other
family events. She complained. I considered it just new love and it would work itself out.

“No.” My friend disagreed he does this every time. No balance.

It’s almost as though people are consumed with what they consider important and they forget the supporting cast that is around them.

Our lives are full of different things that we have to balance. In fact the best way to blog about this would have probably been to break it all down in little subheadings. Career, Spouse, Kids, Finances, Hobbies…etc. Then discuss them all individually, but, that would lack any realism. We don’t have our lives organized like that in our heads do we? It would be nice if we did.

It is a difficult concept for many people to realize. Husbands can’t play tennis with their buddies for 7 hours straight in a given day, or golf or cycle. They need to balance things out, a couple of hours here or there. You just can’t have it all. Wives can’t be out with the girls all the time, movies, drinks, shopping and forget about spending time with their husband and kids. Find the balance.

What about the mom, who makes time for the kids and husband all
the time? The mother who never says no. She’s always there, a phone call or text message away. She is like an on call button. Where is her personal time? Where is her sense of balance?

Giving attention to equal areas in your life is paramount.
Relationships die if they are not fed or maintained. Have a look at where you spend
your time, how equal are these areas? Have you called your mom lately? Told
your spouse you love them? Had lunch with one of your kids? Look around and listen
there could be loved ones who would love to spend more time with you. Life is
too short. Work on balance.

In the meantime, I’ll
keep practicing my tree pose.