In a matter of days 2011 will be drawing to a close.  So, it is natural at this time that many will be thinking of not only this past year but of years gone by. Good times, bad times, mistakes that were made or opportunities that were lost.  Many will also be thinking of the future and what it may hold; hopes, dreams and wishes.

      For others this time of year might bring about vulnerable feelings, doubts and regrets. Often these regrets surround the road not taken. The what if’s? What if I had become a doctor, where would I be now? What if I had relocated to the South Pacific when I wanted too, what would life be like? What if I had three kids instead of one?

      The road not taken is an interesting one. For many it is in the past safely closed. Road Closed sign so to speak. For others, it represents an opportunity to go back and change some things. Maybe find that person you were not so nice to in public school and apologize for your behaviour or look into the career you always wanted but didn’t think you were good enough for. Or find that long lost love and find out what might have been.

It is on this latter note that I am thinking of my good friend Cameron*. Cameron lives out west, lucky him. I was jealous when he told me he was moving to British Columbia.  I always say that God gave all the beauty of this land to that one province. Anyway, he was going to pick himself up, leaving and go out there to start fresh, where he told me that he knew no one. (Or so I thought). He left in the fall of 2000, and we stayed in touch. He bragged about the beauty of the province I kept him up to date about my child rearing adventures. A couple of years later he told me that he had actually moved to B.C. to find a woman. A woman he used to know when he was a teenager. He never got to date her or even know her on an intimate level but felt so drawn to her that the idea of her has followed him all these years. It was his road not taken. At first I was shocked and asked him why was he walking backwards in life? I suggested that if things did not happen between them, maybe it was not meant to be. A few emails back and forth and he showed me how much this woman had haunted his mind and dreams and he had to find out if something was there. Eventually we started to lose touch, not because I thought he was crazy, I actually admired his tenacity and determination, but mainly because I was busy raising kids.

Tonight I heard from Cameron. He emailed me a very heart warming email. He asked if I would be interested in attending a wedding in May 2012. I felt a lump in my throat as I kept reading. He did find the lady he was looking for in 2000 almost as soon as he got there. It just took almost 12 years for them to move their relationship forward to the point of commitment. Wow I thought. Wow……I have come to view the need to turn around and revisit something as admirable. Why spend the rest of your life wondering? Take the steps and find out. It may well be worth it. Do I believe in the power of true love? Damn right I do.  While the New Year is approaching, think about the road you have not taken. Is it worth pursuing a long forgotten dream? If so tell me about it.

*Name change