All about me:

Me…….hmmmm.  I need to write
about ME.  That’s a hard one, no joke! I’m a Mother and Wife.
Moms don’t usually put themselves first do we? Are we people? Aren’t we
just so and so’s mom? So and so’s wife?

Of course we’re people and in an effort to remind myself of this I am here. To blog about anything, pieces of me and my thoughts for you to read.

Well… back to ME! I live about 40 minutes east of Toronto. Yep the suburbs and you’re probably thinking, suburbs!  Probably a soccer or basketball mom right? Nope not anymore whoo hoo!!
And… I don’t drive a minivan ha! I drive a navy blue Lexus and she’s
beautiful. The minivan years are over. My children are 17 and 20 well past the years of shuttling them here and there, they finally shuttle themselves around yay!!!!! I love them to pieces! My husband is honestly an amazing person; he’s been the love of my life since I was 15 years old! We’ve been married almost 23 years.  You will definitely be
reading more about my family in blogs to come!

I love travelling and I really don’t like to cook. I love reading and
wait for it….. I am addicted to purses. It’s true. Someday I will give you a
count of how many I actually own. *sigh*

As you can tell I like to talk. So much so that when I was little my Dad
used to offer me 25 cents to not talk for 2 minutes. I never made it. ‘Nuff


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